Kandur - Rumi

Release date: June 14th 2019

Kandur - Rumi single cover art

artist information

Label: self-released

Genre: Alternative

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Influences: 60s Revival, Turkish Psychedelic 

Sounds like: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Baris Manco, Mazhar ve Fuat


Kandur by Marichka Kandur, 2019

Kandur by Marichka Kandur, 2019


What makes us homesick? Sometimes it is a sound, a sight or an idea that reminds us of home and in Kandur's case, living five years away from his hometown, the similarities he saw in philosophy, art, and music that originated separately in San Francisco and Turkey, gave him comfort of being home at all times and shaped the mold of his next single Rumî - a song that takes influences from sounds of San Francisco's 60's revival and Turkish Psychedelic Rock, fusing them with Rumî's poetry. Recorded in The Atomic Garden Studios of Oakland, CA with Jesse Nichols (White Stripes, Iggy & The Stooges, Santana, Journey) handling the production duties and Diana Cordero from Kandur's live band behind the drums, the song delivers a pulsing and shimmering neo-psych anthem chanting the mantra of Rumî's Seven Pieces of Advice in Kandur's native tongue of Turkish.